As the need for renewable energy sources has increased, energy-generating sites using solar power have increased dramatically over the last decade. Before construction can begin, the project site’s solar resources must be thoroughly assessed. A robust data set, including quantified and characterized solar data, is essential for project financing and engineering design.

The Solar800 is a system designed to measure meteorological conditions, including solar energy, at potential energy generating sites. It is a turn-key data-acquisition system built for quick deployment and ease of use. By assembling and programming the system in our production facilities, we give you the benefit of our efficiency, consistency, and standardization. No coding by the user is needed. The system ships with a quick-start guide to expedite the installation process, and with the Solar800 Configuration Utility software to configure data-retrieval options such as FTP, Modbus, and DNP3.

Our proven, reliable CR800 Measurement and Control Datalogger is at the core of the system. Like all Campbell Scientific dataloggers, the CR800 is powerful, rugged, and flexible. You can order the system built to run on either solar or ac power, and to communicate via either cell modem or Ethernet.

The Solar800 provides high measurement quality, delivered by high-resolution analog channels on the datalogger combined with ISO 9060 second class or secondary standard pyranometers. It measures global horizontal irradiance (GHI), plane of array irradiance (POA), plus a variety of meteorological parameters needed for solar resource assessment.

Since the Solar800 is designed and built for general purpose solar resource assessment, you are sure to get an ideal solar-resource measurement station. The system also features the flexible, modular qualities of the Campbell Scientific product line, allowing for advanced user modifications and customization.

Our Renewable Energy group has extensive experience working with users to design meteorological stations for solar energy, and can help you optimize this system for your application.