Campbell Scientific recently replaced the LI200S and LI200X with the LI200R and LI200RX, respectively. These silicon cell pyranometers measure sun plus sky radiation for the daylight spectrum. The LI200RX has a standardized calibration that allows it to be interchanged with other LI200RX pyranometers without altering the datalogger programming. The LI200R does not have a standardized calibration, and therefore the datalogger program must include a unique calibration entry for each LI200R pyranometer.

Design features of the new pyranometers include wider drainage slots and deeper channels that prevent water from collecting around the diffusing lens, and a potted cable entry that keeps moisture out of the sensor base. Additionally, the LI200R has a detachable head that allows for replacement and factory recalibration while the wiring remains intact. Because of the LI200RX's standardized calibration, the entire LI200RX needs to be returned to the factory for recalibration. The LI200R and LI200RX attach to a tripod or tower using the same leveling fixture and sensor mounts as their predecessors.