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Read digital wind vane 10 bit gray code with CR1000

luisfgranada May 6, 2015 06:27 AM

Hello there,

Does anyone know how to read a 10 bit serial-synchronous output from a digital wind vane (Thies First Class 4.3150.00.001) with a Campbell CR1000 or CR3000 and to what ports shall I connect it to?

There are two signals which I should connect to the logger (Clock signal and data signal).

The wind vane datasheet is here:


Thanks in advance

JDavis May 13, 2015 07:14 PM

'CR1000 Series Datalogger
'Example program for interfacing to Thies 4.3150
' First Class Wind Direction Transmitter
'date: November 29, 2012
'program author: Jacob

'pin 2 to CR1000 G
'pin 3 to CR1000 12v
'pin 4 to CR1000 C1
'pin 5 to CR1000 C2
'pin 6 to CR1000 G
Const Startpulse_uS = 2000
Const Pulsewidth_uS = 1000
Const clockline = 1
Const dataline = 2

'Declare Public Variables
Public PTemp, batt_volt
Public WindDir
Units WindDir = degrees

Public DirFine As Boolean 'True if code and inverse match

Public WindCode(16) As Boolean 'Bits in code
Public tempInteger As Long, Sector As Long
Public parity As Long
'Public BinBits(8) As Boolean
'Public GrayValue As Long

Dim k As Long
Dim LookupArray(1023) As Long

DataLong 1,3,2,6,7,5,4,12,13,15,14,10,11,9,8,24,25,27,26,30,31,29,28,20,21,23,22,18,19,17,16,48,49,51,50,54,55,53,52,60,61,63,62,58,59,57,56,40,41,43,42,46,47,45,44,36,37,39,38,34,35,33,32,96,97,99,98,102,103,101,100,108,109,111,110
DataLong 106,107,105,104,120,121,123,122,126,127,125,124,116,117,119,118,114,115,113,112,80,81,83,82,86,87,85,84,92,93,95,94,90,91,89,88,72,73,75,74,78,79,77,76,68,69,71,70,66,67,65,64,192,193,195,194,198,199,197,196,204,205,207,206,202,203,201
DataLong 200,216,217,219,218,222,223,221,220,212,213,215,214,210,211,209,208,240,241,243,242,246,247,245,244,252,253,255,254,250,251,249,248,232,233,235,234,238,239,237,236,228,229,231,230,226,227,225,224,160,161,163,162,166,167,165,164,172,173,175,174
DataLong 170,171,169,168,184,185,187,186,190,191,189,188,180,181,183,182,178,179,177,176,144,145,147,146,150,151,149,148,156,157,159,158,154,155,153,152,136,137,139,138,142,143,141,140,132,133,135,134,130,131,129,128,384,385,387,386,390,391,389
DataLong 388,396,397,399,398,394,395,393,392,408,409,411,410,414,415,413,412,404,405,407,406,402,403,401,400,432,433,435,434,438,439,437,436,444,445,447,446,442,443,441,440,424,425,427,426,430,431,429,428,420,421,423,422,418,419,417,416,480,481,483,482
DataLong 486,487,485,484,492,493,495,494,490,491,489,488,504,505,507,506,510,511,509,508,500,501,503,502,498,499,497,496,464,465
DataLong 467,466,470,471,469,468,476,477,479,478,474,475,473,472,456,457,459,458,462,463,461,460,452,453,455,454,450,451,449,448,320,321,323,322,326,327,325,324,332,333,335,334,330,331,329,328,344,345,347,346,350,351,349,348,340,341,343,342,338,339,337,336
DataLong 368,369,371,370,374,375,373,372,380,381,383,382,378,379,377,376,360,361,363,362,366,367,365,364,356,357,359,358,354,355,353,352,288,289,291,290,294,295,293,292,300,301,303,302,298,299,297,296,312,313,315,314,318,319,317,316,308,309,311,310,306,307,305
DataLong 304,272,273,275,274,278,279,277,276,284,285,287,286,282,283,281,280,264,265,267,266,270,271,269,268,260,261,263,262,258,259,257,256,768,769,771,770,774,775,773,772,780,781,783,782,778,779,777,776,792,793,795,794,798,799,797,796,788,789,791,790,786,787
DataLong 785,784,816,817,819,818,822,823,821,820,828,829,831,830,826,827,825,824,808,809,811,810,814,815,813,812,804,805,807,806,802,803,801,800,864,865,867,866,870,871,869,868,876,877,879,878,874,875,873,872,888,889,891,890,894,895,893,892,884,885,887,886,882
DataLong 883,881,880,848,849,851,850,854,855,853,852,860,861,863,862,858,859,857,856,840,841,843,842,846,847,845,844,836,837,839,838,834,835,833,832,960,961,963,962,966,967,965,964,972,973,975,974,970,971,969,968,984,985,987,986,990,991,989,988,980,981,983,982,978,979
DataLong 977,976,1008,1009,1011,1010,1014,1015,1013,1012,1020,1021,1023,1022,1018,1019,1017,1016,1000,1001,1003,1002,1006,1007,1005,1004,996,997,999,998,994,995,993,992,928,929,931,930,934,935,933,932,940,941,943,942,938,939,937,936,952,953,955,954,958,959,957,956
DataLong 948,949,951,950,946,947,945,944,912,913,915,914,918,919,917,916,924,925,927,926,922,923,921,920,904,905,907,906,910,911,909,908,900,901,903,902,898,899,897,896,640,641,643,642,646,647,645,644,652,653,655,654,650,651,649,648,664,665,667,666,670,671,669,668,660
DataLong 661,663,662,658,659,657,656,688,689,691,690,694,695,693,692,700,701,703,702,698,699,697,696,680,681,683,682,686,687,685,684,676,677,679,678,674,675,673,672,736,737,739,738,742,743,741,740,748,749,751,750,746,747,745,744,760,761,763,762,766,767,765,764,756,757
DataLong 759,758,754,755,753,752,720,721,723,722,726,727,725,724,732,733,735,734,730,731,729,728,712,713,715,714,718,719,717,716,708,709,711,710,706,707,705,704,576,577,579,578,582,583,581,580,588,589,591,590,586,587,585,584,600,601,603,602,606,607,605,604,596,597,599
DataLong 598,594,595,593,592,624,625,627,626,630,631,629,628,636,637,639,638,634,635,633,632,616,617,619,618,622,623,621,620,612,613,615,614,610,611,609,608,544,545,547,546,550,551,549,548,556,557,559,558,554,555,553,552,568,569,571,570,574,575
DataLong 573,572,564,565,567,566,562,563,561,560,528,529,531,530,534,535,533,532,540,541,543,542,538,539,537,536,520,521,523,522,526,527,525,524,516,517,519,518,514,515,513,512

DataTable (tracker,True,1000)
DataInterval (0,1,Sec,10)
Sample (1,WindDir,FP2)
'Main Program
For k = 1 To 1023
Read LookupArray(k)
Next k

Scan (1,Sec,0,0)

'Read binary code and inverse from Thies 4.3150
' must be in main scan
'C1 is clock line
'C2 is data line

' PortSet (clockline ,0)
' For k = 1 To 16
' PulsePort (1 ,1000)
' PortGet (WindCode(k),2)
' Next k
PortSet (clockline ,0)
PortSet (ClockLine ,1 )
Delay (0,StartPulse_uS,uSec)
PortSet (ClockLine ,0)
Delay (0,PulseWidth_uS,uSec)
PortGet (WindCode(k),DataLine)
SubScan (0,Sec,15)
k = k + 1
PortSet (ClockLine ,1 )
Delay (0,PulseWidth_uS,uSec)
PortSet (ClockLine ,0)
Delay (0,PulseWidth_uS,uSec)
PortGet (WindCode(k),DataLine)

'Convert binary code to integer
tempInteger = 0
If WindCode(2) Then tempInteger = tempInteger OR 1
If WindCode(3) Then tempInteger = tempInteger OR 2
If WindCode(4) Then tempInteger = tempInteger OR 4
If WindCode(5) Then tempInteger = tempInteger OR 8
If WindCode(6) Then tempInteger = tempInteger OR 16
If WindCode(7) Then tempInteger = tempInteger OR 32
If WindCode(8) Then tempInteger = tempInteger OR 64
If WindCode(9) Then tempInteger = tempInteger OR 128
If WindCode(10) Then tempInteger=tempInteger OR 256
If WindCode(11) Then tempInteger=tempInteger OR 512

For k = 1 To 16
If WindCode(k) Then parity = parity+1
Next k

If parity MOD 2 Then
DirFine = true

'Lookup gray code value
If tempInteger = 0 Then
Sector = 0
For k = 1 To 1023
If tempInteger = LookupArray(k) Then
Sector = k
Next k

' BinBits(8) = WindCode(8)
' For k = 7 To 1 Step - 1
' BinBits(k) = BinBits(k + 1) XOR WindCode(k)
' Next k
' GrayValue = 0
' If BinBits(1) Then GrayValue = GrayValue OR 1
' If BinBits(2) Then GrayValue = GrayValue OR 2
' If BinBits(3) Then GrayValue = GrayValue OR 4
' If BinBits(4) Then GrayValue = GrayValue OR 8
' If BinBits(5) Then GrayValue = GrayValue OR 16
' If BinBits(6) Then GrayValue = GrayValue OR 32
' If BinBits(7) Then GrayValue = GrayValue OR 64
' If BinBits(8) Then GrayValue = GrayValue OR 128

'Calculate direction if data checked ok
If DirFine Then
WindDir = Sector * .35
WindDir = NAN
calltable tracker

luisfgranada May 14, 2015 12:15 PM

Thanks JDavis.

Do you know if it would be possible to connect two wind vanes with a common clock signal?


Pin 4 Wind vane 1 --> CR1000 C1
Pin 5 Wind vane 1 --> CR1000 C2

Pin 4 Wind vane 2 --> CR1000 C1
Pin 5 Wind vane 2 --> CR1000 C3

Thanks in advance

JDavis May 15, 2015 10:59 PM

It might be possible to drive two of them on a common clock line. The length of cables would have an affect.

The only way to be certain would be to connect the sensors and test it.

Ponce Oct 11, 2016 04:47 PM

Hi JDavis,

I have a question regarding the example code: What is the LookupArray(1023) for? What is the meaning of reading the values afterwards with the Read LookupArray(k) command?

Very much interested to understand the code.



JDavis Oct 11, 2016 04:52 PM

The Data and Read commands are not used very often, but are well suited for use in this program.

For more explanation of the instruction, you can look at the help in CRBasic. Data sets up the data, and Read loads it into variables.

The LookupArray is used as a lookup table to convert the gray code to direction.

Ponce Oct 11, 2016 07:28 PM

OK. Got it in parts. So the Lookup array is the gray code table (or vector of values) to which the values are compared. What I do not understand is the sequence of the numbers in the lookup array (1,3,2,6,7,...). Sorry for my ignorance.

Ponce Oct 11, 2016 07:31 PM

Just got it (I guess). That is from Binary to Gray Code, right?

JDavis Oct 11, 2016 07:49 PM

WindCode is the binary, which I convert to the gray code in tempInteger. Then I look up the gray code in the LookupArray to get the direction.

KyleB Mar 16, 2020 04:23 PM

Quick question regarding use with a CR1000X.  Would it cause problems to use a C port for the Clock (C4 for example) and a Pulse port for the data line (P1 for example)?.  I need the C ports for other applications, so was wondering if I could mix up the channels a bit.

nsw Mar 24, 2020 12:32 PM

The above program is using PortGet to find the status of the line (0 or 5V).The PortGet instruction allows you to use a Pulse Port in it, so using a Pulse Port for the Dataline input should be fine.

You are correct, the ClockLine has to be a Control Port.

KyleB Mar 24, 2020 01:25 PM


Ponce Aug 18, 2020 04:23 PM

You mention that the length of the cable would have an influence here. Can you specify what would be the effect if one  cable is 20 m shorter than the other?

Other question: Could you also use the VX channels as clock line here?

JDavis Aug 19, 2020 07:15 PM

With long cables, you might need to increase the Pulsewidth_uS constant some.

eddie_woo Sep 30, 2020 04:40 AM


May I have your help to enhance the above program to receive 8-bit grey code from a digital wind direction transmitter.


GShukla Jun 17, 2022 03:07 PM

This post is under review.

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