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multiple CR1000 and NL115 behind gateway

Paul Heinrich May 15, 2019 03:52 PM


I have several CR1000/NL115 based weather stations linked back to my shop via cell modems.  To connect to the stations I use port forwarding on the cell modem and set the CR1000 to a local address like and packbus port 6785.  I then set the modem to forward port 6785 from it's IP address to 6785.  I can then connect via loggernet using the cell modem ip and port 6785 (e.g. 123.456.123.123:68785).  This works just fine.

Now I want to add a second CR1000 to the local net behind the gateway cell modem.  I set the CR100 to and it's packbus IP to 6786 using the device Configuration Utility.  I then set the cell modem to forward port 6786 to  However, I cannot connect via loggernet from the wider internet. works fine behind the gateway, but port forwarding doesn't seem to be working.

I also made sure the two CR1000s have different packbus addresses.

Am I missing something?

JDavis May 17, 2019 04:32 PM

That should be all there is to it.

The setting to change on the logger is the "Pakbus/TCP Port". If you can connect to both loggers behind the gateway, the settings on the dataloggers are correct.

It is recommended to use local addresses outside of the DHCP range of the modem. The Sierra Wireless modems start their range at So, we recommend addresses below .100

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