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Ethernet over USB

After installing Microsoft’s RNDIS driver, you can connect to your CR6, CR1000X or CR300-series dataloggers through a virtual Ethernet link....

(2:11) Posted: 11/16/2017

Connecting a CSAT3B Splitter

How to connect a CSAT3B splitter. The vacuum pump and pressure gauge used in this video are for demonstration purposes....

(2:25) Posted: 9/18/2017

EZSetup Ethernet Connection

Use the EZSetup wizard to set up IP communication between the computer and datalogger.

(2:02) Posted: 1/10/2017

Power Budgeting

Instructions on how to use the Power Budget spreadsheet to estimate the power needs of a Campbell Scientific station. Selections...

(4:07) Posted: 9/3/2014

Toolbox for Installation and Maintenance

A list of the recommended tools to have available when working with Campbell Scientific instrumentation in the field.

(2:21) Posted: 11/5/2013