SunScout Class A Solar Resource Assessment Station
Standard, Repeatable, Adaptable
Irradiance, soiling, and MET
weather applications water applications energy applications gas flux and turbulence applications infrastructure applications soil applications


The SunScout is a reliable, high-quality solar resource assessment system designed to the highest industry standard that delivers accurate data measurements, including the following options:

  • Irradiance
    • Global horizontal irradiance (GHI)
    • Diffuse irradiance (DHI)
    • Calculated direct normal irradiance (DNI)
    • Albedo (Class A and C options)
  • Soiling
  • Meteorological 
    • Air temperature
    • Barometric pressure
    • Relative humidity
    • Precipitation
    • Wind direction
    • Wind speed

Campbell Scientific’s SunScout is a complete monitoring station designed by industry professionals with decades of experience. Created to support user preferences, the SunScout offers a range of options for sensors, cellular modems, and data management. This system employs industry-standard sensors from leading manufacturers to provide our customary, reliable data acquisition backed by the CR350 Measurement and Control Datalogger, a proven field data logger.

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Benefits and Features

  • Sensors chosen to meet IEC 61724 standards, minimizing differences between SRA and operational data from a Class A station
  • Factory fabrication, programming, and testing to minimize field wiring errors, reduce deployment time, and eliminate system programming
  • Battery-backed station for continuous data collection—even during power outages and network failure
  • Flexible data retrieval options for easy and reliable data collection and storage
  • Customizable to meet your project's needs
  • Station data available over a cellular network through a project database with LoggerNet options
  • Maintenance button to mark station checks and maintenance
  • Two-year standard warranty with an optional third year of coverage


Front of the SunScout enclosure
Inside the SunScout enclosure
Bottom of the SunScout enclosure

Detailed Description

The SunScout is a turnkey, Class A meteorological station specifically designed for solar-resource assessment. The SunScout provides the onsite data essential for a thorough understanding of a project site’s solar resources and variability. The station is designed with fast-to-field features that simplify and expedite installation. No system coding is required. Data retrieval is easy and flexible. Various options and components are listed below.

Data Logger

The CR350 is our flagship data logger that provides measurements and control for a wide variety of applications. Designed to perform at extremely low power consumption, this reliable and rugged data logger is an excellent choice for solar resource assessment application.



Select irradiance sensors from the following:

All sensors include appropriate cable length, mounting equipment, and accessories for easy in-field setup.


The following is the meteorological sensor package:

Soiling Monitoring

Our soiling monitoring kits analyze effective irradiance loss in module soiling that causes project energy production loss. This kit optimizes measurement accuracy and uses data filtering to ensure the highest quality soiling data in solar resource assessment applications.

Diffuse Radiation Monitoring

Campbell Scientific integrates the SPN1 to provide a measurement of diffuse irradiance and a calculated Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI). This data set is valuable when doing an analysis for tracker use on the project.


Monitoring site albedo uses bifacial modules to provide a data set for you to assess your project site. Select an albedo sensor package from the following:

Communication Devices

Select a communication device from the following:


LoggerNet Datalogger Support Software supports programming, communication, and data retrieval between the CR350 Measurement and Control Datalogger and your PC. Konect Global Data Services (GDS) are available for cloud-based data collection, display, and archive. Contact your Campbell Scientific Sales Engineer for more data service options.

Power Supply

An appropriately sized power supply consisting of solar PV panels and a battery bank with a state-of-the-art charge controller will be included with your order based on your specific configuration and needs. If you require special considerations or power requirements, notify your Campbell Scientific Sales Engineer for these to be reviewed.

Mounting Equipment

For mounting the SunScout system, its design is based on the Campbell Scientific CM106B Galvanized-Steel-Tubing Tripod. Contact your Campbell Scientific Sales Engineer if you have custom mounting needs.