What would cause a security code not to work with LoggerLink and a data logger?

Valid security codes for data loggers are 1 through 65535. However, the data logger OS will allow a negative code or a code greater than 65535 to be entered. If a code is greater than 65535, either the data logger will cut off the most significant 16 bits or a negative value will be entered with the 65535.

LoggerNet allows this invalid range, and the data logger does the math to derive the proper code. With LoggerLink, however, the field has been restricted to the valid range. Therefore, the math needs to be done to enter the real code in the data logger. An easy way to do the math is to use Windows Calculator:

  1. From the View menu, select Programmer.
  2. Enter the value.
  3. Select the option button for Hex.
  4. Enter the last four hex values.
  5. Select the option button for Dec.

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